Thursday, August 2, 2007

More Guilin

Well, I'm trying to post pictures, but I have no idea whatsoever if they're going through. Fairly frustrating. If you're reading the blog and wondering whether to do Blogspot or one of those adoption websites for pay, I say pay for it. I'm now wishing I had. If someone reading the blog can email me to tell me if there is a picture with this post, I'd very much appreciate it.

We went to Elephant Hill today then to SEVEN Stars Park (I short changed them earlier). There's another hill there that looks like a camel. I used a squat pot for the first time today. Gene and I ventured off on our own to the local department store - the procedure for making purchases is quite different from buying things at walmart. Tomorrow is the Li River cruise, and then we head to Jiang Yong the next day. Sunday is the train ride to ChangSha, and Monday is the day we meet Lydia!

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Katie said...

HEY!! Your pics are showing keep them coming!!