Sunday, August 19, 2007

Kiddie Pool

I've been told that spending time in the sunlight helps re-set your body clock, and so Drew and I got the kiddie pool out for Lydia. After the first bath, Lydia decided she LOVES being in the water. Today was no exception - she had a great time!


AG'smoma said...

Looks like she'll be ready to wear a hog snout at the games!

What a cutie!!!


Angie said...

Lydia is adorable! I check your site everyday for updates. We are waiting for our TA to go and get Ruby from the same orphanage. Did you get any pictures of her orphanage? We are dying to see an updated picture of Ruby. Do you think she may be in the background of one of your pictures? There is a Jiangyong SWI Yahoo site that would love to see any orphanage pictures, as we are all waiting for our Jiangyong babies. Enjoy sweet Lydia.

Thank you!!!


Katie said...

OK....where are the pictures!!! I do not get to see her everyday like I would like I need daily pictures!!!