Tuesday, August 7, 2007

China says it's official

After taking a really long nap yesterday, we didn't really expect Lydia to sleep all night, but she did. She didn't wake up angry, she was kicking around in her crib, and then noticed I was watching her. We finished getting ready, then we went down to breakfast. She had rice congee and watermelon. The girl can eat when she's hungry!

Next we went back to the civil affairs office to finalize the Chinese end of the adoption. The director from Lydia's orphanage was there, and BOY was she dressed up. She was wearing a lovely black dress, strappy high heels with rhinestones, and she really looked nice. Lydia was looking very pretty, too, in her outfit that Kim gave her and the shoes Katie F. and Chris C. gave her.

Once we signed papers, put red thumbprints on the signatures and a red footprint from Lydia, we were done. We headed back to the hotel. We were oddly tired and had to nap even though it was probably before noon.

Later, we braved the wildest taxi ride (our driver had wild, spikey hair, was wearing board shorts and flip flops and drove like a wild man) to get to WalMart. I mean it. WalMart is alive and well (although a little different) in China.

Lydia finally took a bottle, and she sucked it down like there would be no tomorrow. She got her first bath, too, but since she didn't seem to be enjoying it and that was freaking Gene out, we didn't take any photos to commemorate the event. Bubbles did help soothe her feelings afterwards, though.

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Diane Caine said...

Suzy..your new daughter is more beautiful than the photo you gave us..she is absolutely precious..can't wait to see her in person on the 16th..have a wonderful time there and enjoy every moment..we miss you..have a safe trip home..give Lydia a hug and kiss for us...Diane & Violet Robbins