Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One of my favorite things...

As a little girl, I loved watching my grandmother sew. She was a more talented seamstress than anyone I've ever known. I always wanted to be able to sew like her. It's true that I had 2 weeks of sewing in the 8th grade (I got to sew straight lines on a piece of paper without thread), and after that, I pretty well forgot everything I knew about sewing. In fact, threading a sewing machine was a skill that eluded me regardless of how hard I tried to do it.
Years later, my mother in law tried to help me learn to sew. It's difficult to get past not being able to thread the machine. Someone sold my mother in law one of those OLD Singer sewing machines that folds down into its own table. It didn't even have a foot pedal - you use your knee to make it sew. She once again tried to teach me to sew. Once again, I failed to learn to thread the machine.
Last year, while waiting for our referral for our daughter, I decided I really must learn to sew for my daughter so I could make a 100 Good Wishes Quilt (OHGW quilt). I'd participated in a quilt/wish swap, and I needed a sewing machine and the skills to use it.
Luckily, my friend, Leslie, in New Braunfels was able to help me find a used Husqvarna Designer 1 which sews and embroiders. It came with a video and manuals. Leslie also told me about Sew Much For Retirement where I could get videos of how to use the Designer 1. In no time at all, I was embroidering, then I got brave and tried sewing. My first project was a pillow case. It looked like a pillow case, it worked like a pillow case, it WAS a pillowcase! Finally, successful!!! I can thread my machine and sew!
One of my favorite things to make is customized overalls. I think they're cute and fun. Gina's daughter is modeling my most recent completed pair. Thanks for letting me use her picture, Gina! Most of the other pairs have gone off as gifts, and I haven't seen pictures yet. Some day, I'll get around to sewing that OHGW quilt that started this whole thing!

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