Sunday, June 10, 2007

Family Reunion Part One

Today was my husband's family reunion (his father's side of the family). This was probably the biggest family gathering outside of a funeral they've ever had since I married Gene.

I used to loathe going to family reunions, and if a pot luck function was imminent, I surely did not want to cook for it. I'm not sure that family reunions will ever be my favorite way to spend time, but I DO love an excuse to make a dessert!!! Today's was just a cherry dump cake, but I think it's safe to say it would've taken the blue ribbon for desserts if one had been offered. YUM!

Gene worked really hard on a family tree and consolidating family photos and historical memorabilia. Everyone was given a CD with all the photos and the family tree. Luckily enough, another attendee had more information about another branch of the family using the same software so they can consolidate their work.

The big bonus? Little Lydia's pictures were added to the CD, and we got to share her with 1/2 my husband's family. Next week we'll do the other 1/2 of his family's (his mom's side) reunion. I'm not sure what I'll be making for that one, but you can just about bet it, too, will be yummy! I have a whole week to plan...

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