Monday, June 11, 2007

Easy & Yummy!

We're so lucky at work right now. There are so many reasons to celebrate!!! Today was Lenae's birthday and wedding shower. It was Nicole's birthday, too. Potluck Lunch ensued. You know from yesterday's post that I'd made Cherry Dump Cake - easy! But this morning I really didn't have time to cook or shop.

Drew brought everything I needed to make an easy and yummy dessert: icecream sandwiches, caramel topping, Cool Whip (or whipped cream in a can is even easier), and Heath Bits o Brickle. You just unwrap the icecream sandwiches, line them up in a 9 x 13 casserole, pour the caramel over the top, spread Cool Whip on top of that, then sprinkle brickle over the top. You could substitute nuts, crumbled cookies, whoppers, or broken candy bars (think Butterfinger) on top instead of the brickle. It's a hit, and it couldn't be much easier. If I find an easier dessert, I'll let you know! Feel free to share if you have an easy or yummy (or BOTH) recipe.

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